Welcome to Battlefield V Season 4!

Together with SamsungMSIGamers ApparelDLC Studios, and Orisono, we are proud to present ESB League Season 4. We are ecstatic to work with these incredible brands to bring you our most important Battlefield V event to date.

This season we have 6 divisions, 46 teams, and over 500 players from Europe, North America, and South America, ready to compete on 4v4 Rush & 8v8 Squad Conquest across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Player stats arrive in both North and South America this season! We hope you are ready for some epic 4v4 Rush action over the coming months.

A new game mode also means that new records are ready to be forged. Do you have what it takes to claim your place in competitive Battlefield history?

Don’t forget that the 8 teams competing in Division 1 of our European PlayStation 4v4 Rush event will be competing for some incredible prizes!

Not to worry though; we’ll have plenty of giveaways throughout the season for everyone else as well!

May the best teams win!

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