Season 2 – Promotions & Relegations

With the regular season now over and playoffs coming up this weekend, we’d like to give teams a run down of how promotion and relegation between Divisions work heading into Season 2.
Once Season 2 is announced, Season 1 teams who have retained a spot will be contacted to confirm their participation and then qualifiers will take place in order to fill up the remaining free spots.

Below you will find all the information on how everything works, including some important points which explain everything in more detail.



Promoted to Division above

Holds current Division spot

Relegated to Division below


  • Teams in X1 5v5 Division 1, PS4 5v5 Division 3 and PS4 12v12 Division 2 that are getting relegated will have to replay qualifiers in order to get back into the league, just like any new teams.
  • Any team(s) relegated to Division 3 at the end of the season will have to go through qualifiers again as well.
  • In the event that teams chose not to use their guaranteed spot to play in Season 2, teams will be moved up according to the final Season 1 rankings.
  • Final standings are based on the regular season and not playoffs.