Season 1 – Playoff Preview

Here is a preview of what the playoff brackets will look like for each of the 6 Divisions present in Season 1. We had 48 teams searching for glory at the start of the season, but only 24 of these will make a playoff appearance. Here is the breakdown:


This bracket will be used by both X1 and PS4:

  • #1 Seed – 1st in their respective division
  • #2 Seed – 2nd in their respective division
  • #3 Seed – 3rd in their respective division
  • #4 Seed – 4th in their respective division

Note: The numbers in the picture (#1,#2, etc) indicate the seeding. Which is explained above.


  • Playoffs Weekend 1: June 16th-18th
  • Playoffs Weekend 2: June 23rd-25th

The official brackets will be released on Tuesday June 13th under the “Playoffs” tab on the league website, and through our official Twitter/Discord Channels.

Best of luck to all the teams competing!