Ruleset – Battlefield V – 8v8 Squad Conquest


1.1 Restrictions (Not Allowed)


  • M1907 SF (Assault)
  • BREDA M1935 PG (Assault)
  • SUOMI KP/-31 (Medic)
  • Type 2A (Medic)
  • M1928A1 (Medic)
  • M3 Grease Gun (Medic)
    • (Banned only on PS4 & XB1)
  • BAR M1918A2 (Support)
    • (Banned only on PS4 & XB1)
  • All Bolt Action Carbines
    • Commando Carbine (Medic)
    • M28 con Tromboncino (Medic)
    • Jungle Carbine (Medic)
  • All Semi-Auto Rifles
    • Gewehr 43 (Assault)
    • M1A1 Carbine (Assault)
    • Turner SMLE (Assault)
    • Selbstlader 1916 (Assault)
    • Gewehr 1-5 (Assault)
    • AG/M42 (Assault)
    • Mass 44 (Assault)
    • Karabin 1938M (Assault)
    • M1 Garand (Assault)
    • Selbstlader 1906 (Recon)
  • All MMGs
    • MG-42 (Support)
    • MG-34 (Support)
    • VGO (Support)
    • M1922 MG (Support)
    • M1919A6 (Support)
    • S2-2000 (Support)
  • All Shotguns
    • 12G Automatic (Support)
    • M30 Drilling (Support)
    • M1987 (Support)
    • Model 37 (Support)
  • All Self-Loading Rifles
    • Model 8 (Recon)
    • ZH-29 (Recon)
    • RSC (Recon)
  • All Anti-Materiel Rifles
    • Boys AT Rifle (Recon)
    • Panzerbuchse 39 (Recon)
  • New Tides of War & Chapter Rank Weapons
    • New weapons are banned until they are available to purchase by everyone through company coins.
      • This means that until new weapons are only available through Weekly Challenges or through Chapter Ranks, they won’t be able to be used in matches.
      • Weapons that currently fall into this category:
        • Type 11 LMG (Support)


  • Impact Grenade (Support)


  • Frag Grenade Rifle (Assault)
  • PIAT (Assault)
  • AP Mine (Medic / Support / Recon)
  • Spawn Beacon (Recon)
  • Flare Gun (Recon)
  • New Tides of War & Chapter Rank Gadgets
    • New gadgets are banned until they are available to purchase by everyone through company coins.
      • This means that until new gadgets are only available through Weekly Challenges or through Chapter Ranks, they won’t be able to be used in matches.
      • Gadgets that currently fall into this category:
        • Lunge Mine
        • M1A1 Bazooka


  • All Battle-Pickups are banned, including but not limited to:
    • Katana
    • M2 Flamethrower


  • Support:
    • Machine Gunner
  • Recon:
    • Sniper


  • Only the following tanks can be used:
    • Valentine Mk VIII (UNITED KINGDOM)
    • Staghound T17E1 (UNITED KINGDOM)
    • Panzer IV (GERMANY)
    • Panzer 38T (GERMANY)
    • Sherman (USA)
    • LVT  (USA)
    • Type 97 (JAPAN)
    • KA-MI  (JAPAN)

Note: Putting AT Mines in the enemy spawn (red zone) is strictly prohibited.


  • Only the following reinforcements can be called in:
    • Supply Canister Drop – 2,450 Squad Points
    • Smoke Barrage – 7,450 Squad Points
    • JB-2 Rocket / V-1 Rocket – 41,500 Squad Points
  • This effectively means that every other reinforcement is banned (including but not limited to):
    • T48 GMC 6 pdr AT Half-track / Sd. Kfz 251 Pakwagen – 9,850 Squad Points
    • Sector Artillery – 17,750 Squad Points
    • Churchill Crocodile / Sturmtiger – 20,750 Squad Points


The following Roofs & Areas are now banned. This means that you may not walk/crouch/crawl/glitch/jump/climb onto them in any way.



  • If a team violates a Gadgets / Armored Vehicles / Reinforcements / Roof / Battle-Pickups restriction, only the map the item was used on will be forfeited and not the entire match.
  • If a team violates a WEAPONS / COMBAT ROLES restriction, a 25 Ticket Penalty per BANNED Weapon / Combat Role Kill will be applied.
    • (This means that getting a kill with a – banned weapon doesn’t cost your team the map)
  • Teams will be required to report and provide proof of any rule infraction(s) at the end of the map in which the infraction occurred. Failure to do so can possibly void any penalty for the opposing team.

1.2 Maps


  • Arras
  • Rotterdam
  • Hamada
  • Pacific Storm
  • Mercury
    • Armored Vehicles are banned.
  • Devastation
  • Lofoten Islands


Home Team (Left on the Schedule) is allowed to pick which side they wish to start on the first map.


Home Team picks 1st map, Away Team picks 2nd map. 3rd Map will be set for each week.

  • Note: No map can be picked twice in the same match, meaning that if Mercury is the set map for Week 1, neither teams can pick it as their map choice.
  • In addition, a team can’t pick the same map for two matches in a row. This means that if a team picks “Provence” as their Match 1 map, they won’t be able to pick it again for Match 2.

1.2.3 WEEKLY SET 3rd MAPS:

Regular Season:

  • Week 1: Mercury
  • Week 2: Rotterdam
  • Week 3: Hamada
  • Week 4: Devastation
  • Week 5: Arras
  • Week 6: Lofoten Islands
  • Week 7: Pacific Storm


  • Semi-Finals: TBA Week 7
  • Finals: TBA Week 7

1.3 Server Settings

Every server MUST be password protected. We recommend that teams change their server password before every match to avoid people keeping track of old passwords and joining as possible spectators.

To access Community Games, press: Play > Multiplayer > Create Community Game > Add Config

Config Settings:

  • Config Name: ESB 8v8
  • Game Size: 16
  • Game Modes & Maps: 6
    • Round 1: Map A (Side 1)
    • Round 2: Map A (Side 2)
    • Round 3: Map B (Side 1)
    • Round 4: Map B (Side 2)
    • Round 5: Map C (Side 1)
    • Round 6: Map C (Side 2)
  • Password: ON
  • Minimum Players: 6

Once the Config has been created, select the config, and press “Create & Join Game”.

1.3.1 Server Selection

  • Home Team (Left on the Schedule) hosts the full match.
  • For European divisions, only EU servers may be used.
  • For South American divisions, only SA servers may be used.

1.4 Scoring


Capture and Hold the Flags 

Each match is a Best of 3 Maps. Each map is composed of 2 sides. To win a map, your team must have the most amount of total tickets remaining after both sides of the maps are played.

Your team must win 2 out of the 3 maps to win the match.

1.4.2 BO3 League Matches

Even if your team has already won 2 out of the 3 maps in a match, the third and final map must still be played in full. Meaning each match should have 6 total sides played regardless of the outcome.

1.4.3 BO3 TIES

If your team is playing in a Best of 3 match and the following situations arise, the match is counted as a tie.

Match IS a tie if:

  • Team A wins first map, Team B wins second map, and the third map is a tie
    • Or any combination of the above.

Match ISN’T a tie if:

  • Team A wins first map, both second and third maps are ties.
    • Or any combination of the above.

1.5 Official Schedule

The full schedule is detailed below. The Standard Days/Times are there in the event both teams can’t come to an agreement on the Day/Time of the match. When that is the case, the “Standard Day/Time” is to be applied (this is why it appears on the league schedules this way, which doesn’t mean teams can’t agree to play on another Day/Time, as long as it’s in the respective week the match is meant to be played on).

  • All 8v8 leagues feature 1 Match a Week only.
  • While the schedule below highlights the Standard-Days for each week, teams are still able to play the games on other days/times as long as each match is played in its respective week.
    • For 8v8s, each weekly match has to be played from Monday-Sunday.
  • Standard-Times are as follows:

All matches MUST be played in their respective weeks.

  • Week 1: Monday 23/03/2020 – Sunday 29/03/2020
    • Match 1 (8v8): Saturday 28/03/2020
  • Week 2: Monday 30/03/2020 – Sunday 05/04/2020
    • Match 2 (8v8 ): Saturday 04/04/2020
  • Week 3:  Monday 06/04/2020 – Sunday 12/04/2020
    • Match 3 (8v8): Saturday 11/04/2020
  • Week 4: Monday 13/04/2020 – Sunday 19/04/2020
    • General Roster Lock: Monday 13/04/2020
    • Match 4 (8v8): Saturday 18/04/2020
  • Week 5:  Monday 20/04/2020 – Sunday 26/04/2020
    • Match 5 (8v8): Saturday 25/04/2020
  • Week 6: Monday 27/04/2020 – Sunday 03/05/2020
    • Match 6 (8v8): Saturday 02/05/2020
  • Week 7: Monday 04/05/2020 – Sunday 10/05/2020
    • Match 7 (8v8): Saturday 09/05/2020

Playoffs: Brackets Released on Monday, 11/05/2020

  • Playoffs Weekend: Saturday 16/05/2020 – Sunday 17/05/2020

1.6 Matches


  • For 8v8 Divisions (for their only match of the week), each team must communicate their availability & map with their opponent by:
    • SA Divisions: Wednesday’s (of the respective match week) at 9:00 PM BRT.
  • If a team fails to communicate their availability (and therefore can’t agree upon a match day) with their opponent by the above timeframe, a 50 ticket penalty on the first side of the first map will be applied for each late day (24 hours).
  • Once both teams agree on the date/time they will both play, please confirm the details of your match via your respective #division-chat in the league’s Discord server.
  • Please refer to Section 1.5 for more details on the schedule and standard times.

Note: The above rules should give teams at least a 48 hours notice to prepare for a match.


Failure to abide by the following rules may result in a match forfeit/penalty:

  • Teams must have one of their representatives in the League Discord chats 15 minutes prior to the match start in order to communicate on which server the match will be played on.
  • Teams have a maximum of 30 minutes past the scheduled match time to have all their players join the respective server used for the first map of the match, and ready to play.
  • A match may not start unless both teams each have exactly 8 eligible players in the server.
    • IMPORTANT: Each team may not have more than 8 players in the server.
  • Players may only be subbed in between maps, and not rounds.
    • Teams must communicate that a substitution is taking place before the start of the next map through their #division-chat channel in the “ESB League HUB” Discord server.
    • Teams have a maximum of 5 minutes to make any substitutions. Taking more time may result in a 15 ticket penalty per extra minute the player isn’t in the server.


In the event that a server crashes during a LIVE round, please use the following procedure:

  • If the server crashes DURING the first 4 minutes of the match, the round is to be fully replayed.
  • If the server crashes AFTER the first 4 minutes of the match, and during the first half of the match, teams will be required to keep the point score obtained thus far, and continue playing the second half of the map.
  • If the server crashes DURING the second half of the map, teams will be required to keep the scores of the round in which the server crashed.


In the event that a player crashes during a LIVE round, please use the following procedure:

  • If a player disconnects before any kills are made at the start of the side (and not match), the side must be restarted.
  • If a player disconnects while a kill has been made and the map is therefore live, the player must rejoin the map as soon as possible.


  • The winning team will be required to report the match result, using the format presented below in their respective #score-submission channel in the “ESB League HUB” Discord server.
    • Team A vs Team B
      Maps Won: (X)-(X)
      Sides Won: (X)-(X)
    • If the losing team wishes to contest the result, it must do so within 24 hours of the match end.
      • Any result contesting must be done via the #event_assistance channel in the “ESB League HUB” Discord server.

1.7 Teams


  • Each roster can be composed of 20 players maximum (8 Starters and 12 Substitutes)
  • All players must be on the respective team’s roster on their dedicated team page of the league.esport-battlefield.com website to be considered ELIGIBLE.
    • Players must have their EXACT PSN ID / XBL GT / ORIGIN ID (based on the respective platform they are playing the event on) in his/her team’s roster.
    • Each player* may only have ONE account* on their team’s roster page.
    • Each account* may only be used by 1 person. Account sharing is strictly prohibited.
    • All players must be currently living in the region their division is taking place in, which effectively means that only players living in Europe can play in the European divisions and only players living in South America can play in the South American divisions.
      • This effectively does mean that the event is region locked.
      • Players that have a constant ping that is above 100 throughout a match, will be considered out-of-region and investigated by ESB Staff.
    • The use of an ineligible player will result in a full-match forfeit.
    • For PS4 ONLY:
      • Each account* must have reached at least Rank 50 in Battlefield V with at least 60 hours played.
        • This can easily be checked through https://battlefieldtracker.com/
        • For players that play on multiple platforms:
          • As long as they meet the requirements on one of the platforms they play on and can prove that both Platform IDs are linked to the same EA Account, they will be allowed to play.
          • Teams must communicate these exceptions through the #event-assistance channel in the “ESB League HUB” Discord server.
          • Verified players will have a “*” next to their IDs on their team’s roster on the league website.
      • Teams using accounts that don’t meet these criteria will be disqualified.
  • Any player caught playing simultaneously for more than one team on the same platform and division (ex PS4 5v5), regardless of the region, will receive an immediate ban from the whole season.
    • To clarify, a player CAN:
      • Play on a different team on a different platform. Meaning a player could theoretically play on both a PS4 and X1 team at the same time.
      • Play on a different team that is playing a different game mode on the same platform. Meaning a player can play in both PS4 5v5 and PS4 8v8.
    • To clarify, a player CAN’T:
      • Play in multiple divisions of the same format/mode even if they are based in different regions (whether this is NA, EU or SA).
    • Players who have already received a season ban in previous seasons and are caught breaking this rule again will be permanently banned from all future ESB events indefinitely.
    • Depending on the severity of the infraction, these penalties may be increased at the discretion of the staff handling the case.

Note: *Player refers to the physical person, while Account refers to the online persona being used by the player.


  • A roster lock will come into place at the start of Week 5. After Monday 13/04/2020 at 06:00 AM BRT (Brasilia Time), no changes can be made to any of the rosters, no exceptions.


  • Any and all roster changes must be communicated via the #roster-changes channel in the “ESB League HUB” Discord server, by one of the 2 assigned team representatives at least 24 hours prior to the time of their next match.
    • If a roster change request is placed on the same day of the match, then the changes will not be validated until after the match is over. Any players used during that match that was not present in the team’s roster prior to the match will be ineligible to play.
    • The use of ineligible players results in a map forfeit for each map the player participated in.
    • If a player is switching between Team A and Team B within the same league category (ex PS4 8v8 International), the player changing also has the responsibility of notifying the league Admin and verifying his identity by sending a private message with the request to either CodeName_Deus (PSN ID), CodeNameDeus (XBL GT), or CodeName_Deus (Origin ID)
  • Each 8v8 Team Roster is composed of 8 STARTERS and 12 SUBSTITUTES. During the course of the season, only a maximum of 10 roster changes are allowed for each team throughout the season.
  • Players may only switch teams once during the season and before the Roster lock detailed in section 1.7.2 of the rules.

1.8 Spectator Mode

Teams are forbidden from spectating matches no matter the reason, even if their team isn’t currently playing in the match. Teams are therefore responsible for all their players and need to remind them of this. Even if it’s currently impossible to disable spectator slots through community games, teams are responsible for their own players.

Teams caught spectating will face the following consequences if enough proof is gathered.

  • The player(s) using spectator mode will receive a 12-month ban from ESB events.
  • If the player is a member of one of the teams that are playing, they will forfeit the entire match the spectator was used on.
  • The team spectating will also be disqualified from the whole event.
  • The team spectating will be rendered non-eligible for a 6 month period and won’t be able to sign-up to any other of our events.

We, therefore, ask teams to act with proper sportsmanship and refrain from cheating.

1.9 Fair Play

  • To guarantee fair play for all teams and players involved, under extenuating circumstances, our league administrators have the right to make decisions outside or against the current league ruleset.
  • We ask teams to refrain from abusing known glitches to get an advantage in matches. Due to the different nature of these glitches, each case will be reviewed individually and a decision will be made by the admins.
  • As Section 1.7 of the rules states, sharing accounts is strictly prohibited.
    • Team leaders will be held accountable for facilitating and organizing account sharing between players.

We, therefore, ask teams to maintain a certain level of fair play when playing in our events.

1.10 Live-Casting

Throughout the season, Official ESB Casters will be available to broadcast and commentate on your matches through various stages of the event. If one of the casters below contacts you regarding casting your match, please make sure to give him the necessary information to allow him to do so. Matches will be broadcast on https://www.twitch.tv/esbinternationaltv


  • BrettFX#7655
  • nerv#7151
  • Kamaka_#4466
  • Catalyst#1856
  • AWildeTime#1847
  • [SBC]Navotec#9484
  • Chadman#9834

1.11 Commitment


Participating in our leagues takes a lot of effort and dedication from teams who want to compete in a stable and competitive environment consistently. Teams that participate in our leagues automatically commit to playing their respective season fully.

Teams who chose to leave or stop playing in the league before the season is over may face the following consequences:

  • Ban from participating in the next ESB League Season.

Note: Teams who forfeit more than 3 Games during a single season may be banned from participating in the upcoming season as well.


  • In the event that a team retires or is removed from the League during the first part of the season (prior to Week 5), every match played won’t count towards the league table and all future fixtures will be counted as a bye.
  • In the event that a team retires or is removed from the League during the second part of the season (after Week 5), the matches that remain to be played by that team will be counted as 0-3 (0-6) losses, in favor of the team(s) that was supposed to play them.


1.12 Playoffs

  • The top 4 teams in each division will be invited to participate in the Playoffs detailed in “Section 1.5 Schedule”.
    • #1 Seed – 1st in their respective division
    • #2 Seed – 2nd in their respective division
    • #3 Seed – 3rd in their respective division
    • #4 Seed – 4th in their respective division

The Playoffs have a single-elimination bracket format.

  • Semi-Finals:
    • Match 1: #1 vs #4
    • Match 2: #2 vs #3
  • Finals:
    • Match 3: Winner of M1 vs Winner of M2.

1.13 Promotion & Relegation

  • Once Season 1 is over, the top 5 teams from each Division 1 will be invited back to participate in Season 2.
  • While the bottom 3 teams from each Division 1 will have to go through the qualifying process again if they wish to participate in Season 2.

1.14 ESB Points

European teams will gain ESB points for participating in this ESB League Season.

  • Division 1: Gold Event
  • Division 2: Silver Event
  • Division 3: Bronze Event