Ruleset – Battlefield 1 – 5v5 Incursions

1.1 Restrictions (Not Allowed)

As Incursions is the dedicated eSports mode for Battlefield 1, everything that is in the game is allowed. This effectively means there are no restrictions.

1.2 Maps

1.2.1 MAP POOL

  • Giant’s Shadow Redux (Incursions)
  • Sinai Desert Redux (King of the Hill)
  • Amiens Redux (Squad Breakthrough)


Home Team (Left on the Schedule) picks first map, Away Team (Right on the Schedule) picks second map, the third map is the remaining map that wasn’t selected.


Home Team (Left on the Schedule) gets to pick which side they start on each map.

1.3 Server Settings


  • Home Team (Left on the Schedule) hosts the full match.
  • The Team Captain(s) of the team that is hosting the match must be the one(s) creating the match lobby.
    • If the team captain is unavailable for the match, he must appoint and communicate the player that will be replacing him in this procedure via the #division-chat in the league Discord server.
  • Only EU Servers are allowed.

Please note: On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the person creating the private match MUST have every player participating on their friends list in order to invite them, and they must be shown ONLINE in their profile settings.


  • Regions: EUROPE
  • Experiences: Incursions / Squad Breakthrough / King of the Hill
  • Draft Types: BLIND DRAFT
  • Spectators: 4

Please note: Spectator slots can’t currently be fully disabled. Using spectator slots is strictly forbidden and will result in an automatic forfeit of the match.

1.4 Scoring


Attack and Defend
Breakthrough consists of a team of five defending flags from attackers with a limited amount of spawn tickets. Attackers must take the sector’s flag before their spawn tickets run out, else they lose and switch sides for the second half.


Capture and Hold the Flags 
Teams of five start with control of a flag and rush to control the neutral B flag for tickets. – Tickets can also be earned from kills, vehicles destroyed and squad wipes. – The first team to have 10 tickets in a set wins the whole set. The first team to score 8 sets wins the match. – Flag control is linear: Flag B must be owned to capture A or C from the enemy. Hint: All tickets are wiped when one team wins a set, always be aware of your enemies’ ticket count.


Control Key Objectives 
Teams of five battle over the control of one flag in each of the three sectors. Only the control of the sector’s flag awards tickets. The first to ten tickets wins the sector. Match Victory is earned with four sector wins.

1.4.4 BO3 TIES

If your team is playing in a Best of 3 match and the following situations arise, the match is counted as a tie.

Match IS a tie if:

  • Team A wins first map, Team B wins second map, and the third map is a tie
    • Or any combination of the above.

Match ISN’T a tie if:

  • Team A wins first map, both second and third maps are ties.
    • Or any combination of the above.

1.5 Matches


  • Each team must communicate their availability with their opponent by:
    • Tuesday’s (of the respective match week) at 9:00pm CEST for matches where the standard day is Thursday.
    •  Friday’s (of the respective match week) at 9:00pm CEST for the matches where the standard day is Sunday.
    • Once both teams agree on the date/time they will both play, please confirm the details of your match via your respective #division-chat in the league’s Discord server.
  • Please refer to Section 1.7 for more details on the schedule and standard times.

Note: The above rules should give teams at least 48 hours notice to prepare for a match.


Failure to abide to the following rules may result in a match forfeit/penalty:

  • Teams must have one of their representatives in the League Discord chats 15 minutes prior of the match start in order to communicate which players to invite with the other team.
  • Teams have a maximum of 30 minutes past the scheduled match time to have all their players join the respective server used for the first map of the match, and ready to play.


In the event that a server crashes during a LIVE round, please use the following procedure:

  • If the server crashes DURING the first 5 minutes of the match, the round is to be fully replayed.
  • If the server crashes AFTER the first 5 minutes of the match, and during the first half of the match, teams will be required to keep the point score obtained thus far, and continue playing the second half of the map.
  • If the server crashes DURING the second half of the map, teams will be required to keep the scores of the round in which the server crashed.


In the event that a player crashes during a LIVE round, please use the following procedure:

  • If a player disconnects before any kills are made at the start of the map (and not match), the map must be restarted.
  • If a player disconnects while a kill has been made and the map is therefore live, the player must rejoin the map as soon as possible.


  • The winning team will be required to report the match result, using the format presented below in their respective #division-chat on Discord.
    • Team A vs Team B
      Maps Won: (X)-(X)
      Overall Score: (X)-(X)
    • If the losing team wishes to contest the result, it must do so within 24 hours of the match end.
      • Any result contesting must be done via the #event_assistance channel in the league Discord server.
  • For ALL Teams: Teams must also take screen shots of BOTH the MATCH OVERVIEW and SCOREBOARDS at the end of every map and submit them into the #screenshot-submission chat in the league Discord server.
    • As this information is essential for the player rankings, if neither team submits the screen shots of the match overviews & scoreboards, both teams will receive half (0.5) a penalty point.

1.6 Teams


  • Each roster can be composed of 10 Players maximum (5 Starters and 5 Substitutes)
  • All players must be on the respective team’s roster on their dedicated team page of the website to be considered ELIGIBLE.
    • Players must have their EXACT PSN ID in his/her team’s roster.
    • Each player* may only have ONE account* on their team’s roster page.
    • Each account* may only be used by 1 person. Account sharing is strictly prohibited.
  • Any player caught playing simultaneously in more than one team in the same league category (ex PS4 5v5), regardless of the Division, will receive an immediate ban from the whole season.
    • To clarify, a player CAN’T play in both divisions of the same category either (whether this is 5v5, 12v12 or 16v16). A player may however play on a different team on a different platform. Meaning a player could theoretically play on both a PS4 and X1 team at the same time.
    • Players who have already received a season ban in previous seasons and are caught breaking this rule again will be permanently banned from all future ESB Leagues.
  • All players must be currently living in the region the tournament is happening, which effectively means that only players living in the EU will be able to participate in the European Qualifiers/League. This effectively does mean that the event is region locked.
    • EU Events: Players with a ping to EU Servers that is constantly above 105 will be considered out of region and ineligible to play in the event.

Note: *Player refers to the physical person, while Account refers to the online persona being used by the player.


  • A roster lock will come into place at the start of Week 6. After Monday June 25th at 6am EDT / 12pm CEST no changes can be made to any of the rosters, no exceptions.


  • Any and all roster changes must be communicated via the #roster-changes channel in the league Discord server, by one of the 2 assigned team representatives at least 24 hours prior to the time of their next match.
    • If a roster change request is placed on the same day of the match, then the changes will not be validated until after the match is over. Any players used during that match that where not present in the team’s roster prior to the match will be ineligible to play.
    • The use of ineligible players results in a map forfeit for each map the player participated in.
    • If a player is switching between Team A and Team B within the same league category (ex PS4 12v12 International), the player changing also has the responsibility of notifying the league Admin and verifying his identity by sending a private message with the request to either CodeName_Deus (PSN ID) or CodeNameDeus (XBL GT).
  • Each 5v5 Team Roster is composed of 5 STARTERS and 5 SUBSTITUTES. During the course of the season, only a maximum of 5 of the original players may be removed from the team and switched with new ones. This essentially means that at least half of your roster has to remain the same for the duration of the league.
  • Players may only switch teams once during the season and before the Roster lock detailed in section 1.6.2 of the rules.

1.7 Official Schedule

Standard Days/Times for each Match are either on Thursdays or Sundays at 21:00 CEST (Paris Time), depending on the match, as detailed in the schedule below. This is there in the event both teams can’t come to an agreement on the Day/Time of the match. When that is the case, the Standard Day/Time is to be applied (this is why it appears on the league schedules this way, which doesn’t mean teams can’t agree to play on another Day/Time, as long as it’s in the respective week).

All matches MUST be played in their respective weeks.

Regular Season: 

  • Week 1:  Wednesday May 23rd – Sunday May 27th
    • Match 1: Sunday* May 27th
  • Week 2: Monday May 28th – Sunday June 3rd
    • Match 2: Thursday May 31st
    • Match 3: Sunday* June 3rd
  • Week 3: Monday June 4th – Sunday June 10th
    • Match 4: Thursday June 7th
    • Match 5: Sunday* June 10th
  • Week 4:  Monday June 11th – Sunday June 17th
    • Match 6: Thursday June 14th
    • Match 7: Sunday June 17th
  • All-Star Break: Monday June 18th – July 1st
    • All-Star Voting Begins: Monday June 18th
    • All-Star Voting Ends: Friday June 22nd
    • All-Star Draft: Saturday June 23rd
    • General Roster Lock: Monday June 25th
    • All-Star Game: Saturday June 30th
  • Week 5:  Monday July 2nd – Sunday July 8th
    • Match 8: Thursday 5th
    • Match 9: Sunday July 8th
  • Week 6: Monday July 9th – Sunday July 15th
    • Match 10: Thursday July 12th
    • Match 11: Sunday July 15th
  • Week 7: Monday July 16th – Sunday July 22nd
    • Match 12: Thursday July 19th
    • Match 13: Sunday July 22nd
  • Week 8: Monday July 23rd – Thursday July 26th
    • Match 14: Thursday July 26th


Playoffs: Brackets Released on Friday July 27th

  • Playoffs Weekend: Saturday July 28th – Sunday July 29th
    • Quarter-Final: Saturday July 28th
    • Semi-Final: Saturday July 28th
    • Final: Sunday July 29th

1.8 Spectator Mode

Teams are forbidden from spectating matches no matter the reason. Teams are therefore responsible for all their players and need to remind them of this. Even if it’s currently impossible to disable spectator slots in the server settings, a person can only be placed in a spectator slot by the match-lobby creator. Therefore it is impossible to have a spectator by “mistake”.

Teams caught spectating will face the following consequences if enough proof is gathered.

  • The player(s) using spectator mode will receive a 6 month ban from ESB events.
  • If the player is a member of one of the teams that is playing, they will forfeit the entire match the spectator was used on.
  • The team spectating will also be disqualified from the league and will be unable to participate in Season 3.

We therefore ask teams to act with proper sportsmanship and refrain from cheating.

1.9 Fair Play

We ask teams to refrain from abusing known glitches to get an advantage in matches. Due to the different nature of these glitches, each case will be reviewed individually and a decision will be made by the admins.

As Section 1.6 of the rules states, sharing accounts is strictly prohibited.

We therefore ask teams to maintain a certain level of fair play when playing in our events.

1.10 Live-Casting

Throughout the event, Official ESB Casters will be available to broadcast and commentate on your matches at various stages of the event. If one of the casters below contacts you regarding casting your match, please make sure to give him the necessary information to allow him to do so. Matches will be broadcast on


  • BrettFX – BrettFX#7655
  • CodeName_Deus – CodeName_Deus#0296
  • Kamaka18 – Kamaka18#0215

1.11 Commitment


Participating in our leagues takes a lot of effort and dedication from teams who want to compete in a stable and competitive environment consistently. Teams that participate in our leagues automatically commit to playing their respective season fully.

Teams who chose to leave or stop playing in the league before the season is over will face the following consequences:

  • Ban from participating in the next ESB League Season.

Note: Teams who forfeit more than 3 Games during a single season will be banned from participating in the upcoming season as well.


  • In the event that a team retires or is removed from the League during the first part of the season (prior to the All-Star break), every match played won’t count towards the league table and all future fixtures will be counted as a bye.
  • In the event that a team retires or is removed from the League during the second part of the season (after the All-Star break), the matches that remain to be played by that team will be counted as 0-2 (0-11) losses, in favor of the team(s) that was supposed to play them.

1.12 Prize-Pool

This section will be updated Soon™