POLSKA ARMIA (PC) disqualified from the ESB League BFV Pre-Season

During the Legion & bois vs POLSKA ARMIA match in Week 4 of the PC International Blue Division Pre-Season, Polska Armia was discovered using a spectator throughout the whole match.

Not only was the spectator present during the whole match, but he was in the same Discord voice chat as his teammates during its entirety.

This is a direct violation of Section 1.8 of the rules, which strictly prohibits any use of spectator mode outside of official ESB Casters. We take this rule very seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy against spectator use, regardless of the result obtained by the team using it.

As per rules, POLSKA ARMIA will face the following consequences for violating Section 1.8:

  • The player that is known on ORIGIN as “WilkuGame” has received a 6-month ban from all upcoming ESB events.
  • POLSKA ARMIA has been disqualified from the Pre-Season and will be unable to participate in the next Battlefield V season that we host (Season 1).

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