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BFV – Season 4
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ESB LeaguePlayoffs

Welcome to the BFV Season 4 Playoffs

The long-awaited Season 4 playoffs are just around the corner! We are proud to announce that we will be broadcasting every Division 1 match of our European PlayStation...
ESB Allstars

ESB Allstars – Season 4

The ESB Allstars event is finally here again! Get ready to watch some of the top Battlefield V PlayStation players in Europe showcase their talents on Saturday, May...
ESB League

Welcome to Battlefield V Season 4!

Together with Samsung, MSI, Gamers Apparel, DLC Studios, and Orisono, we are proud to present ESB League Season 4. We are ecstatic to work with these incredible brands to bring you our most...
ESB Allstars

ESB Allstars are back!

UPDATE: 08/12/2020 – Unfortunately, we have noticed some irregular voting patterns and website access over the past week, and have decided to reset and extend the voting period....
ESB League

Welcome to Battlefield V Season 3!

Welcome to our third Battlefield V season! This season we have 6 divisions, 48 teams, and over 500 players from Europe and South America, ready to compete on...
ESB League

BFV Season 2 – MVP Award

We are proud to announce your ESB League BFV Season 2 MVPs: PS4 EU: InSighT__JubZ (ProLegion Gaming) XB1 EU: Lokofran (Brigada 028) Congratulations to both players on the...