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ESB League

Pre-Season Playoffs Brackets & Schedule

The Regular Season is now over. Over 70 teams have fought hard all season, but only 20 remain! Twenty of the best Battlefield V teams will be competing...
ESB Allstars

ESB ALLSTARS Teams Announced!

After a shot but sweet Draft Night, we are proud to present the teams that will be competing in tomorrow’s ESB ALLSTARS event. Don’t forget to tune into...
ESB Allstars

ESB ALLSTARS week is here!

The ESB ALLSTARS week has finally arrived! Some of the best players on both PS4 and PC will be invited to showcase their skills and represent their teams...
ESB Allstars

ESB ALLSTARS Game delayed!

The ESB Allstars game was going to be taking place this coming Saturday, June 8th. However, due to the current issues affecting spectator mode in Battlefield V, we...
ESB League

How the Pre-Season Playoffs work

For our Battlefield V Pre-Season, the playoffs will take place from Saturday, July 6th, 2019 – Sunday, July 7th, 2019. There will be a total of four playoff...
ESB Allstars

The ESB ALLSTARS Game is back!

The ESB Allstars game will be making a comeback this pre-season and will now be an integral part of our league moving forward. While we can’t share too...
ESB League

Introducing our Battlefield V Pre-Season!

Welcome to our Battlefield V pre-season! We have 9 divisions, 72 teams, and over 1400 players ready to compete on 8v8 Squad Conquest on all three platforms! This...
ESB League

Welcome to the our new home!

Welcome to the new home of ESB League! While a lot of features will be arriving with Season 1 after the summer, there is still plenty to discover!...