Manguste eSports (PS4) disqualified from ESB League BF1 S2

After multiple reports throughout the season from various teams/players, and after a season long investigation we have found evidence that the “UpS_KeyS” PSN account on the Manguste eSports PS4 Roster; which is an account owned by “MNG-PsYcO”, now also known as “J_JiiWoO”; has been used and shared by multiple players aside from Psyco/Keys during our second Battlefield 1 season.

This meant that multiple players had access to the account, with the account information spread to so many players, that we where able to gain access to the account ourselves to directly verify all these allegations. This is in direct violation of multiple sections of our rules (Notably Sections 1.5 & 1.8).

The following penalties will be applied:

  • Keys/Psyco/JiiWoo will be banned from participating in the next two ESB League seasons.
  • The team will be disqualified from ESB League Season 2 and all playoff results from this season will be voided.

ProLegion will now be taking their place in the Grand Final this week vs iLLusionZ (PS4 5v5 Division 2).