Introducing our Battlefield V Pre-Season!

Welcome to our Battlefield V pre-season!

We have 9 divisions, 72 teams, and over 1400 players ready to compete on 8v8 Squad Conquest on all three platforms!

This pre-season will work exactly like a regular season of ESB League, with a few small differences. Firstly, there are no qualifiers, meaning each division is equal and has been generated based on a variety of factors.

Secondly, teams will be earning ESB Points based on how well they do in the pre-season, which will have an impact of qualifiers for Season 1. This means playing now will help them qualify for Battlefield V Season 1, and trust us, they will want to qualify for Season 1!

We have teams from both Europe, North America, and South America ready to give it their all!

May the best teams win!

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  1. when is the next season starting?

    • Once we have any news to share, we will be sure to let everyone know on our social media outlets, as well as here on the ESB League Hub.

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