ESB Allstars – Season 4

The ESB Allstars event is finally here again! Get ready to watch some of the top Battlefield V PlayStation players in Europe showcase their talents on Saturday, May 1st, 2021, at 3:00 PM EDT / 9:00 PM CEST.

Four teams of 4 players will be competing in a mini Bo1 Single-Elimination bracket for the ultimate bragging rights.

How it works:

Any player competing in our PS4 4v4 Rush EU Division 1 who has played at least 2 matches in the first 3 weeks of Season 4 is eligible to play in the event. This means 42 players are eligible to be voted in by you, the fans!

A total of 16 players will be competing. The first Four of the spots have been awarded to the recent Player of the Week award recipients (they will also be the team captains). The remaining 12 spots will go to the players with the most fan votes, as detailed below in the “ESB Allstars” section.

All players have been divided into their class rankings, and you will be able to vote for your favorite player for each class.

How to Vote:

To vote, head over to the ESB Discord server in the ESB Allstars section!

You will find the #voting channel with 1 poll for each class.


ESB Allstars:


  1. AmaZinG__bS- – Tribe E-Gaming Black – #1 in Assault Votes
  2. InSighT__JubZ – ProLegion Gaming – #2 in Assault Votes
  3. ii_CoLa – RAiD Black – #3 in Assault Votes
  4. GV_Frantic_ – reduX – #4 in Assault Votes


  1. Jordy1-1*ProLegion Gaming – Player of the Week #2
  2. laflourNN-V3 – BeSt GanG – #3 in Medic Votes
    1. Replaces DeDe_LecK*RAiD Black – as DeDe can’t make it.
  3. TheZguyYT – Tribe E-Gaming Black – #1 in Medic Votes
  4. M4giiC_Z1GI – reduX – #2 in Medic Votes
    1. Replaces NotPaaz – KaoS eSports as Paaz can’t make it.


  1. jimmy_BF*KaoS eSports – Player of the Week #1
  2. Saintjdv*ProLegion Gaming – Player of the Week #4
  3. Knickkopf_ – RAiD Black – #1 in Support Votes
  4. llManda – Tribe E-Gaming Black – #2 in Support Votes


  1. skeptical_milk – KaoS eSports – #1 in Recon Votes
  2. Lackper – Tribe E-Gaming Black – #2 in Recon Votes
  3. beanplayer125 – RAiD Black – #3 in Recon Votes
  4. MaxiqYT – ProLegion Gaming – #4 in Recon Votes

*Team Captain

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