ESB Allstars are back!

UPDATE: 08/12/2020 – Unfortunately, we have noticed some irregular voting patterns and website access over the past week, and have decided to reset and extend the voting period. Voting will now take place in our Discord Server through the ESB Allstars Section.

The ESB Allstars game is back! Watch some of the best Battlefield V PlayStation players in Europe showcase their talents and represent their teams on Saturday, December 12th, 2020, at 3:00 PM EST / 9:00 PM CET.

Two teams of 5 players will be competing in a Bo3 match for ultimate bragging rights!

How it works:

Any player from the PS4 5v5 EU Division 1 league who accumulated at least 250 kills in these first 8 games of Season 3 will be eligible to play in the event. This means that 43 players are eligible to play in the event.

A total of 10 players will be competing. Four of the spots have been awarded to the recent Player of the Week award recipients, while the remaining 6 spots will go to the players with the most fan votes.

Fellow players and fans from across the world, get ready to vote for your favorite players!

The two players with the most votes will be named captains and will have a small draft session behind closed doors to pick their teams.


ESB Allstars:

  1. AdRi_AG97BEGA Esports – Player of the Week #1
  2. GV_Frantic_We Are The LaW – Player of the Week #2
  3. ALPHA______EvoProLegion Gaming – Player of the Week #3
  4. jimmy_BFTribe E-Gaming Black – Player of the Week #4
  5. TBA – #1 in votes
  6. TBA – #2 in votes
  7. TBA – #3 in votes
  8. TBA – #4 in votes
  9. TBA – #5 in votes
  10. TBA – #6 in votes

For the complete player rankings & statistics, click HERE.


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