BFV Season 1 – Players of the Week #4 & #5

This week, we will be rewarding the top players from Week 4 and Week 5 combined. Here are your fourth Player of the Week awards.

On PC, Fettbauchpioneer, led Rage Mode eSports to their 9th consecutive win, with 318 Kills, a 2.18 K/D, and a 17.6 KPM over three games.

On PS4, Vulcain__Yenkez helped FDA Vulcain get into the playoff picture with key wins vs. MaD and BEGA. Over four games, he had 421 Kills, a 1.66 K/D, and a 17.5 KPR

As the season closes out, who will set the record for the most kills in a season?

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