BFV Season 1 – Players of the Week #3

The Week 3 awards arrived a little late this week, but that doesn’t mean these players didn’t put up some incredible performances! Here are your third Player of the Week awards.

On PC, dfOns-Fr helped DAW eSports to 2 wins (11-1 in rounds), helping them keep their 3rd place secure with 178 Kills, a 1.82 K/D, and a 14.8 KPR.

On PS4, BuffalO___AsyA- led XceeD Gaming to 2 wins (one of them vs. PLG) and allowed them to remain the only undefeated team in their division, with an impressive 214 Kills, a 2.10 K/D, and a 17.8 KPR.

Who are you cheering for this week?

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