BFV Season 1 – Players of the Week #2

Week 2 of Season 1 brought us some incredible individual and team performances on both PC and PS4. Here are your Player of the Week awards!

On PC, Fettbauchpioneer, led Rage Mode eSports for the second week in a row with an impressive 218 Kills, 2.56 K/D and an 18.2 KPR.

On PS4, AlsoSaint, helped ProLegion Gaming remain perfect throughout 4 matches (4 Wins, 24 Rounds Won) with 190 Kills, a 2.26 K/D and a much improved 15.8 KPR!

Honorable mention:
xXPhantom2332Xx, set a single-match kill record on PS4 with 143 Kills vs. FDA Vulcain Esports and led the week with an impressive 18.2 KPR across both matches. He is also leading the league with 431 kills.

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