About the League

After hosting so many other 2042 events since the last ESB League season in Battlefield V, ESB League finally arrives to Battlefield 2042!

This season’s goal is to showcase top teams and players and what top competitive gameplay can look like. Detailed player stats are back, with weekly livestreams and social promotion for everyone involved. Hopefully, this acts as a solid foundation to promote the 2042 competitive scene before kicking off bigger events in the fall.
5v5 ESB Flashpoint and 5v5 ESB Squad Obliteration are both in Season 1. Teams will use one squad of 3 and one of 2, with our spectators hopping between squads when we cast each match.


ESB League is a round robin event series which takes place 2-3 times a year, each season lasting roughly 3 months.

Our first Season, the “Glory Series”, launched in July 2014 on Battlefield 4 in collaboration with Glory4Gamers. Since then, ESB has hosted seven Battlefield 4 seasons, three Battlefield 1 seasons, and four Battlefield V seasons, becoming one of the go-to events in the Battlefield competitive scene.

Countless winners have been crowned over the years, make sure to visit our history section to relive their achievements!