About the League

Together with SamsungMSIGamers ApparelDLC Studios, and Orisono, we are proud to present ESB League Season 4. We are ecstatic to work with these incredible brands to bring you our biggest Battlefield V event to date.

Our focus this season will be creating an incredible 4v4 Rush European PlayStation event and showcase what Battlefield Esports can be with the right game mode and partners. While our focus does lie in Europe for Season 4, we will be supporting other regions and platforms as always.
While we are aware not every platform/region combination we are proposing will have enough teams, we want to give everyone an equal opportunity to participate and experience this new format (and hopefully have their very own league).


ESB League is a round robin event series which takes place 2-3 times a year, each season lasting roughly 3 months.

Our first Season, the “Glory Series”, launched in July 2014 on Battlefield 4 in collaboration with Glory4Gamers. Since then, ESB has hosted seven Battlefield 4 seasons, three Battlefield 1 seasons, and three Battlefield V seasons, becoming one of the go-to events in the Battlefield competitive scene.

Countless winners have been crowned over the years, make sure to visit our history section to relive their achievements!