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Our Battlefield V Season 4 is here!

Follow all the action on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, featuring 6 Divisions, 46 Teams, and over 500 of the top Battlefield players from across Europe, North America, and South America!
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ESB League

Welcome to Battlefield V Season 4!

Together with Samsung, MSI, Gamers Apparel, DLC Studios, and Orisono, we are proud to present ESB League Season 4. We are ecstatic to work with these incredible brands to...
ESB Allstars

ESB Allstars are back!

UPDATE: 08/12/2020 – Unfortunately, we have noticed some irregular voting patterns and website access over the past week, and have decided to reset and...


Eagles eSport
Banana E-Sport
0 - 2
Final Score
PlayStation 4
eRemiti eSport
United Gamers Clan
2 - 0
Final Score
PlayStation 4
Raptors eSports
GHR eSports Black Suits
2 - 0
Final Score
PlayStation 4